What We Do

The Angel Summit is a one day Global Conference that brings together inspiring women in Tech, Business, Arts, Sports, Politics and connects them to aspiring individuals. We aim to discover, inspire, support talented women/women led startups and give them a powerful global platform to achieve their goals and ambitions!

Who We Are

The Angel Summit is a part of Angel Hub, an initiative that focuses on Education, Mentorship and Acceleration for Women. It is an umbrella of initiatives focused on providing growth platforms for female entrepreneurs, building access to industry specific mentorship and facilitating tech education for young women.

The Team

  • Shravya Reddy
    Shravya Reddy
  • Sita Pallacholla
    Sita Pallacholla
  • Jyotsna Mandava
    Jyotsna Mandava
    Volunteer Management
  • Johannah Hull
    Johannah Hull
    Marketing & Content
  • Shoa Hussain
    Shoa Hussain
    Production Coordinator
  • Karan Shah
    Karan Shah
    Web & Graphics